Warning Sirens and Mass Notification Systems

ATI Systems is a leader in the design, manufacturing and installation of world-class reliable emergency warning and mass notification systems.  ATI’s system easily integrate with other warning systems and offer superior audio clarity, great build quality, and the latest in notification technology.

Alongside our partner, ATI Systems, Sharp Communication can design, deploy, and service a Mass Notification and/or Warning Siren system for your campus, your community, or your business.

ATI Warning SirenStill the most reliable emergency warning method available

A voice-based notification system is an important and powerful piece of emergency preparedness design for any campus, manufacturing plant, military base, or community.

In modern times, solutions such as emergency text message, phone message, and email notification are valuable as well, but, in many cases, phone calls can be missed, text messages or emails can be ignored, and visitors can be missing from such notification lists altogether.  A voice notification and siren system remains the quickest and most proven choice as a primary notification option.

ATI Command Center for Warning Sirens

Key features of an ATI notification system

  • Superior voice quality
  • Outdoor and indoor notification through audible alert, strobe and LED signage
  • Integration with existing notification systems
  • In a campus or industrial environment, computer pop-up alerts are available viaa client-based application
  • Secure and robust communication infrastructure
  • Two-way monitoring and confirmation of system functionality
  • Optional pager, phone, email, text message and fax notification
  • Easy to use and easy to own & maintain
  • Mobile and stationary control center options
  • Infinite expandability
  • Mobile sirens allowing even greater flexibility of the system
  • Optional zone configuration
  • Quick and simple
  • In industrial or campus applications, the system is capable of integration with control centers, push buttons, pull switches, remote controls and sensors for quick and easy access.


  • Community severe weather or natural disasters warnings
  • Industrial facilities
  • School campuses
  • Border checkpoints, airports, ports, train stations, other transportation hubs
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Parks and zoos
  • Stadiums and arenas

For a full overview of products available from ATI Systems, visit their webpage by clicking here.

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