Project Description

Telecommunication Tower Consulting

When implementing a project that involves communication towers, there are a number of important factors to take into consideration, including:

  • Tower location
  • Tower height
  • Tower design & type
  • Regulatory concerns with the Federal Aviation Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Native American tribes
  • Bid Process
  • Site access and security
  • Project Management

If you are struggling with any of the above or other issues related to tower design or construction, contact us, we can help you to bring your project to successful completion.

Tower Construction and Bid Consulting

Sharp Communication Tower Sites

available for leasing or colocation

The Ledges – Huntsville, Alabama

Atop Huntsville Mountain
500′ freestanding tower
Lat: 34-40-50 N Long: 086-30-55 W
Ground Elevation: 460.6 meters
AGL: 152.1 meters
AMSL: 612.7 meters
Registration Number: 1037308
Physical Address: 9999 Ledgeview Drive, Huntsville, AL
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Harvest, Alabama

Atop Capshaw Mountain
300′ guyed tower
Lat: 34-49-08 N Long: 086-44-19 W
Ground Elevation: 381 meters
AGL: 91.4 meters
AMSL: 472.4 meters
Registration Number: 1063576
Physical Address: 218 Wilson Hall Dr., Harvest, Alabama
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Marshall County, Alabama

Atop Brindlee Mountain
250′ grounded tower
Tower Registration: 1054178
34-30-20.0, 86-38-30.0
Elevation: 381 meters, Height: 76.2 meters

Florence, Alabama

Atop Colbert Heights Mountain
Tower Registration: 1053167
34-40-38.0, 87-43-02.0
Elevation: 259 meters, Height: 128.3 meters
100 Pamela Street

Cullman, Alabama

180′ freestanding tower
Lat: 34-14-51 N Long: 086-54-48 W
Ground Elevation: 304.8 meters
AGL: 54.3 meters
AMSL: 359.1 meters
Registration Number: 1037305
Physical Address: 164 Co Rd 1291