Project Description

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Instant Communication to Your Entire Team

Two-way radio offers instantaneous, simple, and reliable one-to-many communication for an entire team and is reliable under even the most critical of circumstances.

Two-way radio’s unique architecture makes one-to-many communication effortless. Many cellular devices, apps, and VOIP applications struggle to deliver reliable one-to-many voice communication to large teams. The simplicity of the two-way radio interface also makes training new users a snap and ensures that communication during critical moments goes off without confusion.

Sharp Communication SmartRadio MOTOTRBO
Sharp Communication SmartRadio Alabama-Wide Radio

Alabama-Wide Safe & Reliable Radio Communication

Distracted driving accidents, injuries, and lawsuits related to cellular phones continue to rise every year. The simple operation “one-button-to-speak” functionality of a two-way radio ensures that your drivers won’t dial phone numbers or text while driving down the road. Management’s ability to monitor communication also helps keep unnecessary communication to a minimum.

SmartRadio, like all two-way radio, is an allowed communication method according to the 2011 Department of Transportation ruling banning cellular phone use while driving certain DOT-registered vehicles.

Select SmartRadio-capable Radios

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Motorola XPR 7550 Sharp Communication

Motorola XPR 7550

  • Intelligent Audio
  • 16 hour battery life in digital mode
  • IP57 Durability standard
  • Private Call
  • Color display with menu-driven interface
Motorola XPR 5550 Sharp Communication

Motorola XPR 5550

  • Fixed-Mount in Vehicle or Building
  • High power transmit & receive for enhanced coverage
  • GPS-Capable
  • Tough & Durable for use in construction vehicles
  • Receive & Send text messages
Motorola SL 7550 Sharp Communication

Motorola SL 7550

  • Small Form Factor, only 5.39 ounces
  • Vibrate mode
  • 11.5 hour battery life
  • Text messaging
  • Intelligent audio

Free GPS Tracking Included

SmartRadio GPS Tracking

SmartRadio GPS Tracking allows you to manage and dispatch your SmartRadio units by tracking their current location from any modern web-browsing device.  With SmartRadio GPS you can:

  • run detailed GPS history reports for each unit
  • access months of historical GPS data
  • look up customer addresses
  • find the closest units to an address
  • send a text message to a unit to inform them of their next stop
  • assign geo-fences and custom landmarks
  • see a unit location up close with a ground-level photo from Street View

No Noise is Good News

MOTOTRBO radios from Motorola Solutions reject noise outside the frequency range of the human voice, resulting in clear communication in even the noisiest environments imaginable.

Whether it’s a manufacturing plant, a sporting event, or other loud environment, only the sound of the person speaking into the radio will come out the other side.


Reliable in the Moments That Matter

Why is two-way so reliable? Primarily because two-way radio does not rely on landline or internet connectivity to function. Two-way radio systems also have their own specifically licensed frequencies from the FCC, which dramatically cuts down on potential for interference and two-way radio features have been tested & refined over decades to ensure maximize reliability.

This is why most police, firefighters, and other first responders in the world still rely on two-way as their mission critical communication in the moments that matter.