Project Description

Avigilon High Definition Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Avigilon video surveillance offers amazing high definition video, giving users amazing clarity and zoom capabilities.  Cameras with video resolution of up to 29 megapixels are available, enabling you to review video and accurately identify people, vehicles, and more, even when your camera may be far away or monitoring a large area.

Incredible Efficiency

When compared to other digital video solutions, Avigilon uses a proprietary technology known as HDSM (High Definition Stream Management) to minimize the bandwidth that is required to stream and store video.  This means that your network is used more efficiently, allowing more bandwidth for your other network traffic.  It also allows the video to be accessible more quickly.

Avigilon High Definition Video Surveillance

Open Platform, Easy Integration

All of Avigilon’s security solutions are built on an open platform, which allows them to easily integrate with your existing security systems and technology. Our video surveillance software is open to both HD and analog cameras, and our cameras are open to other leading types of video management software. Avigilon’s access control solutions are designed to support open field hardware from other leading manufacturers, enabling you make the most of any past security investments and avoid licensing fees.

Access Control

Access control systems make your facility and your employees more secure by giving you the ability to control precisely who can access each door in your facility without the trouble of managing a variety of different physical door keys.  You can revoke or expand a user’s access at any time through a simple computer application, reducing hassle and failure points.

An access control systems also offer advanced logging features that enable you to review when a particular door was accessed as well as what user accessed it.

Authentication Methods

We offer solutions that use a variety of authentication methods for your access control system including:

  • Keycode
  • Proximity Card
  • Magnetic Stripe Card
  • Biometric

A Door Key That Only Works When You Want

As opposed to physical keys, access control gives you the ability control a user’s access by time of the day.  Only want your employees to be able to access your building during work hours?  Not a problem.  Want to be able to lock down or even unlock all the doors in a facility due to a threat?  Again, no problem.


We offer a variety of pedestrian turnstiles to secure your facility. These include:

  • security doors and portals
  • waist high turnstiles
  • pedestrian security lanes
  • full height turnstiles
  • access gates & barriers

Parking Lot Control

From a simple parking lot fence and gate to a sophisticated crash gates that can stop loaded tractor-trailers, Sharp Communication has you covered. We have a wide range of experience in parking lot control, including installation at military bases.