Project Description

Fiber Connectivity

Through our strategic partnership with fiber provider Southern Light, we provide our customers with  Internet connectivity speeds up to 10Gbps as well as Private Fiber Networks.

Think your organization can’t afford fiber? Southern Light has driven the cost of connectivity in North Alabama dramatically. Request a free quote and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Sharp Communication Southern Light Fiber Reseller

Wireless Networking Solutions

Complete, Customized Solutions

We can design, install, and maintain a complete solution, bringing fiber connectivity into your facility and then designing a fast & reliable Wi-Fi network for the users and in your facility. We can also design a blended solution that brings together fiber and point-to-point technologies to provide either rock-solid reliability or a more cost-effective approach for organizations with many disparate locations.


Turn to the Company Depended on by North Alabama’s First Responders

Our 24x7x365 service team that is depended on by North Alabama public safety agencies will ensure that your organization’s critical services are there when you need them. You will love our fast response times and active communication about problems and solutions.