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School Security

Sharp has spent over 30 years securing Alabama schools from threats.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Radios

MOTOTRBO is the perfect balance of reliability, durability, and features for manufacturing, education, healthcare, public services, and other users.


SmartRadio is Alabama's largest commercial two-way radio network and offers great features like GPS Tracking, noise reduction, IP57 equipment durability, and much more.

Motorola APX Radios


Motorola APX is the pinnacle of two-way radio reliability and performance, ideal for use by public safety and military users.

Physical Security

We specialize in Video Surveillance, Access Control, Parking Lot Control, and other Physical Security solutions for your organization.

Vehicle Upfitting

We are your "one-stop-shop" for all your vehicle upfitting needs, including equipment, installation, maintenance, and more.

Body Cameras & Storage

Body Cameras combined with our Sharp Vault video management solution create a secure and robust video management architecture for law enforcement.


We offer tower space for lease or colocation, along with telecommunication tower consulting services including assistance with design, regulatory concerns and project management.

Fiber & Networking Solutions

We provide Southern Light's lightning fast fiber for wide-area or Internet connectivity and a variety of wireless networking technologies to build the perfect solution for your organization.